Bore Me Into Love

Please –
Don’t hesitate
To put me in a chokehold
And make me lose my mind

From one time to another
Your intention was to harm
But now you’re left, cold
A faithful place to start

I beg of you to go
Place your words on your lips
And leave them there I swear
To avoid sweet, sweet bliss

I want you to stop talking
About your wishes and your dreams
Just bore me into love
Leave things how they seem

My patience has run out
To care about these thoughts
hese feelings left so numb
A lonely and secluded embark

But please push me to the side
Knock me down and leave
I’d rather meet the road
Of endless, relentless defeat

I’m pressing you to close
All of your open doors
Blood running to and from
The deep, depth-defying eyes

So for the last time
Before I say it again
Bore me into love
And allow my heart to rest


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