Don’t Give In

We as a people are all sitting on the wrong side of history.  Nobody, from the left nor the right, has bettered themselves and come out as a leader in the fight against racism, incoherent nationalism, and a bigoted belief system in the neo-Nazi party.


As hateful fear-mongers came out from their shells and filled the streets of Charlottesville to scream and express their wrongful opinions, thousands of people who opposed this kind of racism filled the other side of the roads.  They were screaming right back at them.

For years, the neo-Nazi Ku Klux Klan white supremacists (yes, I am categorizing these hate groups into one, unified wrong) have been ignored by the general public – and for good reason.  They have been ignored because their message was not only denounced by everyone, but also because the best defense to this kind of unprecedented hate is silence from the other side.  By not feeding fuel to the fire, our society has silenced these groups for years.

Years went by, the social media world grew, tensions in an unordinary presidential election rose to new heights, and the wrong became more prominent.

Instead of ignoring these once silent protesters, who would often perform their sickening rituals in hidden forests across the country, people began to speak out.  People began to show their pre-existing disapproval with this racist behavior.

Although speaking out against hate and bigotry has always been the way to improving our society, this American experience is different.  The white supremacists should and have been disapproved by nearly every public official, but this experience still is different.

I feel entirely bad for these racists who exist in America.  Not only, for some odd reason, do they believe that they are the superior race because of the color of their skin, but they also believe that they can change any good person’s opinion on race in this country.

They can’t.

But changing the American opinion on race is not the only goal that these people have.  What they want is exposure.  They want the television sets to be blaring footage of their hate-filled rallies.  They want us to see that they are here.  And the sad part is, they are winning.

As they line the streets, opposition to them lines up on the other side.  We outnumber them – and they know that.  We don’t want them in our cities and neighborhoods – and they know that, too.  But we as a people can’t be broadcasting their message.  We can’t be allowing them to show what they stand for.  We know they are here, but we can’t allow ourselves to hear their voices.

Take the cameras away, ignore their calls of injustice and discrimination, and stop lining the streets against them.  Our country is against their actions, but they will never go away unless we do.

Soon enough they will be protesting to nobody.  Nobody will hear their desperate, pathetic calls.  Nobody will be standing by them, fueling their anger.

It is so critical to understand that we will never change the derogatory opinions of the monsters who are apart of the KKK, neo-Nazi, and ‘alt-right’ groups.  We never will.  Their backwards beliefs will continue to reverse their livelihood, and we will march on as a progressive society with values so deeply rooted in equality and fairness that racism will not be tolerated in the most miniscule form.  Racism and hate should never be tolerated, especially to the extent that the past year has allowed it to be.

The only way to get rid of this rearview mirror type of behavior is to spread the right message.  Spread the message of acceptance and fairness that both Republicans and Democrats know is right.  This is NOT a partisan issue.  By putting blame on one side of the aisle is to create a lie, because the only force acting on the side of the alt-right is hate.  Their hate towards people’s religion, people’s skin color, and people’s beliefs is the only fuel they have as long as we continue to not give in.

Silence out the hate and spread the right message.  Just spread love.  If all that can be done, the David Dukes and Richard Spencers of the world will crawl back into their holes and fade away.  Do not feed their fire.  They want your undivided attention, so don’t give them it.

Do not line the streets against them, because they will fade away.  Do not scream back hate in their faces, because they are not worthy.  Do not give them your attention, because you have more relevant issues in your life to cover.

Nobody wants these groups to come to their neighborhood.  By ignoring their protests and childish cries, they will fade away.  But by fueling their fire, they will only continue to grow.  We cannot let their hate grow.

To the alt-right, neo-Nazi, KKK, white extremists:  I do not want your vile protests near me.  Nobody wants your hate-filled message and nobody wants you around.  I can assure you that America has no place for you, and I can promise you that my city of Pittsburgh has no place for you.

The City of Champions has no place for losers.



One thought on “Don’t Give In

  1. NPR does a story about a Rabbi who converted the grand dragon in Alabama, by sharing a meal and helping him get groceries. Unbelievable! And rare. Right now, Someone wants the U. S. to fall into civil and foreign war, for his own Moscow purposes, and the Republicans who are not treasonous are, well, a little slow to catch on. Tell Mr. Ryan! Visit the CLC, Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist party, at


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