The Opinionated Truth: Confidentiality

I walked into my first day of work to think that I’d be busy and at the end of the day ultimately, to be exhausted.  I did end up being exhausted, but that was only due to my lack of sleep the night before and the constant traveling I have been doing; I have gone from Pittsburgh to Youngstown to Pittsburgh again, and finally to Washington – in three days.

One of the first things I did today was sign a confidential agreement with the Congressional Office; this agreement bars me from talking or writing about specific meetings, visits, and other information that goes around the Ryan office at Longworth House Office Building.

Today’s tasks were not too daunting.  My job mainly consists of answering phone calls, sending constituents to people on Tim’s staff, and taking notes on certain briefings to Congress.  The briefings are posted weekly and for the most part, as an intern, I get to pick and choose which ones I want to attend if I am interested in them.  This Thursday, I get to attend one involved NASA.

As I watched people come in and out of the office today for meetings with Ryan’s staff, I thought just how different it would be if Tim was elected Democratic House leader.  Nancy Pelosi is on television every day, always at a podium (tonight she is being featured on a CNN Town Hall).  Of course, Ryan is a rising star on Capitol Hill and wears many hats for the Democratic Party; but just how many more meetings would be happening in the office that I work in if Ryan was the Democratic leader?

How much more confidential would these meetings be?


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