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We as a people are all sitting on the wrong side of history.  Nobody, from the left nor the right, has bettered themselves and come out as a leader in the fight against racism, incoherent nationalism, and a bigoted belief system in the neo-Nazi party.

Don’t Give In


In a matter of months I saw my profession ripped to shreds, torn apart for the fable that it is, and placed in a cage as everyone in the country threw their peanuts at it like an animal in the zoo.

The Opinionated Truth: Ripped to Shreds


The most important thing for you to realize is that if you are not being your own person, then you are lost and will not be found until you change that attitude.

The Opinionated Truth: An Open Letter to a Younger Me


For miles and miles, I am not running cross country; for miles and miles, I am running through the halls of legislation.

The Opinionated Truth: The Trains of Capital Hill


How lucky is the American public?

The Opinionated Truth: Look at Iran


One of the first things I did today was sign a confidential agreement with the Congressional Office; this agreement bars me from talking or writing about specific meetings, visits, and other information that goes around the Ryan office at Longworth House Office Building.

The Opinionated Truth: Confidentiality


For the next six and a half weeks, I will be interning under U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH).  This is not the position I saw myself to be in during the early summer of 2017 – but here I am, sitting in my bed just a few blocks from District of Columbia’s downtown social haven.

The Opinionated Truth: Introduction


Amongst all the different parties and ideals of the political spectrum, any two can be compared and have similarities.  The Republicans can be similar to the Democrats, and so forth.  But people often confuse radical Communism with Socialism, which are not the same thing at all.

Socialism is NOT Communism


As a voter or anyone who has been paying attention to the Presidential Race, particularly on the Republican side, it is easy to assume that our country is in a deep, deep hole.

Politics 101: Things Aren’t That Bad