Connection of a Lifetime

For international people, the acclamation to a new home can be a lonely road.

A 7-year-old boy sent a letter written in pencil to Alan Hausman, Vice President of the Tree of Life Synagogue, after the October 27, 2018 shooting.

“The letter said, ‘when I’m sad my mom gets me a Beyblade. I know it won’t make you happy, but I hope it will make you less sad,” said Hausman at the Love Thy Neighbor event in downtown Pittsburgh in February.

The Case for Religion in Collegiate America

Any weekend morning, afternoon, or evening in Pittsburgh, there are small groups of college students that gather to worship their respective faiths. Each one of these centers of faith worship differently, but all of them are accompanying the small number of young adults that still practice their religion.

Four Years Gone

With his ability to run away from opposing defenses, former Poland Seminary High School running back Darius Patton knew the key to making people cheer. His athletic ability and charismatic smile made him more than just a gifted football player.

Darius was known as a silently hard worker who could not only light up the football field, but also brighten up a room with his smile.

Point Park Director of Communications Reaches More Viewers

Point Park University’s Kevin Taylor has been an influential member in bringing innovation to the school. As the director of athletic communications and assistant athletic director, Taylor has changed the way viewers can watch Point Park athletic events.