The Opinionated Truth: Ripped to Shreds

Why on earth do I study journalism?

In a matter of months I saw my profession ripped to shreds, torn apart for the fable that it is, and placed in a cage as everyone in the country threw their peanuts at it like an animal in the zoo.

It is true that unless you are on the inside, then you have no idea the real story.  All you know is what the entertainers behind desks and laptops have told you.  And that is it.

In Congressman Tim Ryan’s office, we have the news on almost all the time; most of the time it is CNN and MSNBC.  But even the staff here watches the news and reacts:

“Why is this a topic?”

Melania not holding Trump’s hand, how much money the New York Police Department is spending to protect the Trump family this month, ‘Republicans slowly retreating from Trump’, and all other nonsense.  It seems like every day there are constituents calling to complain about the next Trump narration.

But I can promise, nobody truly cares here on Capitol Hill.

Yes, there are Republicans and Democrats both calling for the investigation of a Trump collusion.  Yes, there are Democrats (Rep. Al Green) calling for impeachment.  But if you strongly believe that these issues are the only thing that Congress is working on, you are highly mistaken.

They could care less.  Regardless of the position of the executive office, there is no lack of proposals, meetings, and congressional sessions talking about real-life issues.

Just last week, Tim introduced a bipartisan bill with Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson (R-PA) called the Veterans Wellness Act of 2017.  According to Tim’s House website:

This legislation would bring mental healthcare to our Veterans by establishing a two-year grant program to provide integrative wellness programs at Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs).

The bill would also provide funding for:

  • Repair or renovation of facilities to create or improve a wellness center.
  • Complementary and integrative medicine and wellness programs.
  • Childcare for classes.

Earlier this month, he worked with Congresswomen Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to introduce legislation to protect the pension plans of nearly 10 million workers and retirees.  According to the House newsletter:

The Keep Our Pension Promises Act would reverse a provision passed in 2014 that could result in deep pension cuts for millions of retirees and workers in multi-employer pension plans.

The new legislation establishes a legacy fund within the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation to ensure that multi-employer pension plans can continue to provide pension benefits to every eligible American for decades to come.

The pre-conceived notion that Congress is not running smoothly and that there is a divide in Washington is completely false.  Congress has proposed many new legislations and has been letting the Trump-train take its own course.

Your congressman/woman does not care what is going on in the White House.  Let the chips fall where they may.

In this time of mistrust and brainwashing in every form of media besides local news, it is important to know which publications are important for Americans to read and listen to.

My personal suggestion would be to avoid the Washington Post and read more of The Hill.  There are some great writers who are on staff at the Post, but the agenda-pushing that many of their feature articles are commuting to their readers is absolutely horrific.  Some of their most recent headlines include:

“The Walls are Closing in”

“The Ongoing Debate Over Trump’s Disclosure to Russia”

“What scandal? So far on his foreign tour, Trump has escaped ‘that Russia thing.’”

And these stories are all under the topic of ‘politics’.  To me, it is just the usual daily dose of entertainment news that pulls apart journalism.  There will be an outside investigation, but this is not news on Capitol Hill.

To read the latest news on Congressman Tim Ryan and his latest proposals and focuses, follow his newsletter @ Congressman Tim Ryan.







The Opinionated Truth: Introduction

I guess I am not a big fan of losing.  I have never taken losing well.  Whether it was being on a winless flag football team and losing in the first round of pee-wee playoffs or losing a race on the track against an All-American, I just never took losing well.  Even when I was supposed to lose, it still frustrated me more than anything in the world.


I guess that is why this internship in Washington, D.C. has become so important to conquer.  For the next six and a half weeks, I will be interning under U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH).  This is not the position I saw myself to be in during the early summer of 2017 – but here I am, sitting in my bed just a few blocks from District of Columbia’s downtown social haven.

After having dinner with Congressman Ryan, his family, and close colleagues this past January, I have seen just how much of an emotional impact his life took after Donald Trump’s November election victory.  Just by talking to him, one could tell that he is a man on a mission, fighting for his party and his congressional district in Northeast Ohio.

After his January loss against Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for House Democratic leader in an effort to alter the course of the blue party, Ryan has continually spoken out against Trump and his childish tenacities.  Ryan has disagreed with Trump about nearly everything; Trump’s refusal to invest in clean-energy and his administration’s consideration to eliminate the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

I believe that it’s safe to say Tim hates losing, too.

Over the next few weeks I plan to gain a better understanding for what is really happening in the highest office in the land.  What is the Democratic Party’s real plan to taking down Trump and his policies?  Is there a plan at all?

By watching any news station (go ahead, pick your poison), you would think it is a disaster in Washington.  With what the news media feeds us on a daily basis, it is easy to see why people think it is a mess in Washington.

And that is just our problem.  We don’t really know the truth and we don’t really have an understanding for it because we are hearing it from fabricated organizations that are trying to have a more compelling story than their rival networks.

As a journalism major at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, it has frustrated me beyond repair how many times I have seen cable networks try to battle each other.  There is no truth to their struggles.

I have tried to trust each and every network as I tried to understand why they were all so damn opinionated.  Every single news anchor has their opinion, and in the past year it was heard loud and clear into the ears of every American man and woman.  God, I hope they didn’t listen.

My profession is filled with liars, cheats, wannabe entertainers, and false advertisers.  Every day I am thankful for picking up my double-major to also earn my bachelor’s degree in political science.  Because then maybe I don’t have to deal with journalists trying to oust their competition rather than tell the truth.  They hate losing, too.

Journalism is dead.  Not because writing or poetry or storytelling is dead, but because the truth is.

For the first time in my writing career, I get to explore the inside.  I will be able to form my own opinion from seeing everything first-hand.  This is my story in Washington, this is my opinionated truth.