The Many Bystanders

When I look back at your face
I see a broken imagery
Of the emotions that were in your place

Wood scratched from vintage tables
Chipped pieces fall to floor
Always so worried about labels
Never about making it anymore

So I chose to be loved by many
And you decided to choose me
But above everything so plenty
You made the wrong choice times three

Torn carpet rips under feet
Shreds of fabric in a tangle
Words don’t come on an open sheet
But in my life, at an angle

There are things in my world
That are so airtight
There are things I keep curled
That are ready for flight

But many just watch, sitting
And I sit by while they stare
Isn’t it so fitting
Isn’t it so fair

I truly take the time
They abuse it at every turn
But at the drop of a dime
Sure, go get it, and burn

Because I’ve tried so hard
And let so much go
I’ve slept behind bars
And said I’ll go with the flow

But the truth is I’ve loved
And I’ve loved
And I’ve loved
And I’ve loved

Your heart, my heart, our heart
The bystander of any
But I love too hard
To be loved by many


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