Never have I seen a man
So quiet in his steps
Avoiding trouble at every curve
He passes by me

Glaring, with his eyes blue
As ocean waves
But the underneath of waves
That seem too deep

If I look too long
He’ll reel me in
His stature and frame and smile
A confident admiration of what could be

As he sees me staring
He comes close
I know what
He is about to say

‘It’s all up to you now’
I hear him in fear
For what may come next
I have seen it once before

When he’s on, he’s on
Nothing can stop him
Grabbing what he wants
It’s gone, it’s gone

But he doesn’t grab for him
He does for others
For sick, for poor
For the worst parts of better

As I pass by the mirror
I understand now
Here is his life
When he’s on, he’s on


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