The Edge

One time I walked
Along to the edge
And the devil came down
To sit close to the ledge.

He told me hello
And acted so kind.
He said that knowing my future
Could ease my mind.

I asked him, “what if
I don’t want to know my fate?”
He answered, “but knowing this
Could lead to something great.”

He stepped forward towards me
And leaned in real close,
Handed me a pill, and said,
“Just take a small dose.”

For with it I would know
What my future would hold
And without it, well, how
My life would be cold.

I stopped for a moment
Before taking his hand
And told him how I
Had one last demand.

If I knew my fate,
Would I be able to change?
Or is it impossible
To fix or rearrange?

He said, “fate is what’s true.
It is what lives as you die.”
And that’s the moment I knew
All he said was a lie.


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