Heisman Watch: Conference Crown Week

The top 5 Heisman candidates this season are all quarterbacks and all share different traits. This week, we rank every major stat category to see who really has the edge heading into conference championship week. The rankings next to each stat is where they stand relative to the other finalist candidates.

1. Kyler Murray (QB, Oklahoma) oklahoma
QBR: 96.1 (1st)
CMP: 70.6% (T-1st)
Yards: 3,674 (4th)
TD: 37, 11 rushing (1st)
INT: 7 (T-2nd)

Murray gets the nod at the top spot heading into the Big XII Championship game. He controls Oklahoma’s entire game plan and performs great on a consistent basis. Whether he beats Texas or not, he’ll see his name on the list of finalists. His QBR is at a historic 96.1, which is 1st all-time in a college football regular season. He is easily the best running quarterback of the bunch and can literally run away with the Heisman this weekend.

2. Dwayne Haskins (QB, Ohio State) ohio state
QBR: 85.8 (3rd)
CMP: 68.9% (4th)
Yards: 4,003 (2nd)
TD: 42, 4 rushing (2nd)
INT: 7 (T-2nd)

Haskins is very underrated as an overall player and the numbers show it. He just took down the #1 ranked defense in the country (Michigan) and will be playing for a Big Ten title against a resurging Northwestern team. Haskins is extremely accurate with the football and continues to show why he deserves to be in the conversation. He leads the nation in TD passes and he’s kept Ohio State in many games this year that they couldn’t get their running game going. He’s also started to become more of a runner himself.

3. Tua Tagovailoa (QB, Alabama) alabama
QBR: 95.9 (2nd)
CMP: 70.3% (3rd)
Yards: 3,189 (5th)
TD: 36, 5 rushing (3rd)
INT: 2 (1st)

Tagovailoa is the best player on the best team and will have the most difficult conference championship game opponent in Georgia on Saturday. He’s careful with the football and rarely turns the ball over against SEC defenses. His QBR is right up there with Murray’s, which is also atop college football’s all-time history.  If he can beat Georgia and pad some more stats, he will have a stronger case.

4. Gardner Minshew (QB, Washington State) wazzu
QBR: 77.7 (5th)
CMP: 70.6% (T-1st)
Yards: 4,477 (1st)
TD: 36, 3 rushing (5th)
INT: 9 (5th)

Minshew leads the nation in passing yards and it’s not even close. Unfortunately, he didn’t look good against the best defense Wazzu played this season in a loss to Washington. He won’t be playing in a conference championship and his chances at the Heisman are all but diminished.

5. Will Grier (QB, West Virginia) wvu
QBR: 82.1 (4th)
CMP: 67.0% (5th)
Yards: 3,864 (3rd)
TD: 37, 3 rushing (4th)
INT: 8 (4th)

The Heisman has become a stat-based award and Grier’s stats just aren’t there. Granted, he did play in one less game than other players and still remains in the top-5 in yards (FBS 4th) and TD passes (FBS T-2nd), but he also has 8 INT in one less game and lost the most meaningful game of the season to Oklahoma. Because of the most recent loss, he won’t be playing for the Big XII crown.


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