Heisman Watch: Week 12

Murray takes over as the Heisman favorite as Oklahoma’s offense is putting up staggering numbers. Tagovailoa is close behind as Haskins, Minshew, and Grier try to catch up in this week’s Heisman rankings:

1. Kyler Murray (Quarterback, Oklahoma) oklahoma
QBR: 95.3
Yards: 3,038
TD: 32 (5 INT), 7 rushing

The Oklahoma offense is putting up godly numbers this season. Their defense is still struggling, but Murray is completing over 70% of his passes and also taking it the distance as he scrambles. Can we see an Oklahoma quarterback take home the trophy for the second straight season?

Next game: vs Kansas (7:30 PM, FOX)

2. Tua Tagovailoa (Quarterback, Alabama) alabama
QBR: 95.8
Yards: 2,525
TD: 28 (2 INT), 3 rushing

Alabama continues to steamroll teams and have shutout their last two SEC opponents. Not only is Alabama the safest bet to make the College Football Playoff, they also have the most efficient passer in the game.

Next game: vs The Citadel (Noon, SEC Network)

3. Dwayne Haskins (Quarterback, Ohio State) ohio state
QBR: 80.4
Yards: 3,280
TD: 33 (6 INT), 1 rushing

The Buckeyes’ offense continues to struggle, but there is no doubt that Haskins remains their best player. He is second in the nation in passing touchdowns and third in yards, but he still needs a few breakout games to surpass the likes of Murray and Tagovailoa.

Next game: @ Maryland (Noon, ABC)

4. Gardner Minshew (Quarterback, Washington State) wazzu
QBR: 78.3
Yards: 3,852
TD: 29 (7 INT), 3 rushing

Minshew has yet to throw for less than 319 yards in a game this season. He leads the nation in passing yards and it’s not even close (Ole Miss’s Jordan Ta’amu is over 400 yards behind him). If he can continue to put up the yardage, he’ll have his own case for the Heisman.

Next game: vs Arizona (10:30 PM, ESPN)

5. Will Grier (Quarterback, West Virginia) wvu
QBR: 84.0
Yards: 2,961
TD: 31 (8 INT), 1 rushing

Grier has the toughest stretch of games to close out the season among all Heisman contenders, which could either propel him to the top or diminish his chances all together. He’s had three straight games in which he’s thrown 3 TD, but Oklahoma and a Heisman showdown with Murray await him – possibly twice.

Next game: @ Oklahoma State (3:30 PM, ABC)


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