Brad Bets: Week 10 MACtion

The final Tuesday of October means it’s officially MACtion season and there shall be no more football-less nights. With the MAC filling ESPN 2, 3 and U timeslots for the next 4 weeks, football is now a daily occurrence and we have arguably the worst, yet most entertaining FBS conference to thank for that.

Of course, the start of MACtion means an opportunity for some mid-week money. These bets will be separate from my traditional work, as these picks contain limited research and will be supported by limited funding. I have no clue who to pick in these games and know nothing about these teams, so let’s have some fun…..


Bowling “For Soup” Green (+1) at Kent Read Kent Write Kent State (Nothing like a battle of perennial losers to kick-off MACion 2K18. Thanks to a coin flip aided decision, I like Bowling Green to win and “improve” their record to 2-7. Now if they could only improve their hideous color scheme.)

State University of New York at Buffalo (+6.5) at Miami O-H-I-O (This spread has bounced between 8.5 at the open, to 6.5 today. Anything above a touchdown, I like the RedHawks of Oxford. Anything below however and I’m rolling with the Bulls and their 6’7 QB Tyree Jackson.)


Holy Toledo (-18) at Ball So Hard State (Fun Fact: David Letterman graduated from Ball State with a 2.3 GPA. Speaking of two’s and three’s, I like the Rockets to win by 23 at home against the Men of Muncie, Indiana.)


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