Forgive to Forget

The window only opens half-mass

As he lays in his bed – sweating, panting

He looks to his left to view an empty glass.

Was it the big one or small one?

Or was it the thought?

But the memories are gone . . .

He had said this a lot.

He cannot say much

He feels no ways

But as his thoughts take over . . .

The harder he lays.

It’s an equal weight,

But an uneven bar.

Because the burden of most

Isn’t seen from afar.

Many have felt it

But few have lived with

I cannot see the impact

Of saying it’s a myth.

It won’t end tonight

Or tomorrow . . . but when?

He can only wonder

As the room begins to spin.

Further – further

From life he goes

Into the shadows,

Nobody knows.

Gone – gone

Erased from the past

Everything is over

Done at last.

When something new starts

He thinks of why

Before does not matter

And the result is a cry.

Time to let go

Distance to forget

Enough with the thoughts

Extinguish the amends.

Back to bed now

Where there is only mind

A whole day is next

Time to rewind.

Forgive it all

The thoughts that abound

Forgive it all

Light shall come around.


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