The Opinionated Truth: The Trains of Capital Hill

As I finally get into the swing of things in D.C., I find myself seeing the connections.  The errands I run for the staff on a daily basis take me to some amazing places.  Never in my life have I been to somewhere so secure, so debauched.  People are running left and right down the tunnels of the offices of the United States Congress; they know exactly where they are going.

For miles and miles, I am not running cross country; for miles and miles, I am running through the halls of legislation.

The Capitol building is connected to all the House offices as well. An absorbedly small subway train takes people to and from the offices to the Capitol building itself.  There, debate and conference take place.

It is fascinating to see the numerous amount of people walking through the basement of the House offices to get to this tiny little subway system (which by the way only saves them about a 200-meter walk).  But the importance of everybody’s purpose on that miniscule subway car is what makes captivates me.

Bills to be signed, cosigns to be made, meetings to attend.


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