Sophomore Year – Video Editing

JOUR 215 Project 1

This project was a sequence of multiple shots of a subject at five different angles.  The angles were: extreme long shot, long shot, medium shot, close-up, and extreme close-up in that order.  I filmed these shots with Mike Turk and we each edited our own videos (my edit is below).  I learned how to successfully take different shots of a subject using the zoom and my own positioning.  The best thing about the project is that there is a clear subject in the shots used.  I would change the lighting in the shots and maybe try and find areas that had more light, or use the color correction tools more to my advantage.



This project was a PSA (Public Service Announcement) created to raise awareness about pedestrian safety in busy downtown streets.  The videos used in this PSA were all shot in downtown Pittsburgh.  I filmed and edited the entire PSA myself.  I learned that filming in a busy area can be tricky, especially with people and vehicles everywhere.  It is important to find a spot and establish your personal area when shooting video in a busy environment.  The best thing about this project is the video sequence and the timing that the shots were individually on the screen.  I would change the area in which the footage was shot because there are more areas in Pittsburgh that would better identify with this PSA.


JOUR 215 NAT Sound

This project was an interview and profile story on Point Park University baseball player Edberg Dominguez.  The video had a lot of b-roll and natural sound due to the project requirements.  All of the footage was shot by Mike Turk and I edited this version of the piece (below).  I learned that many different sounds could be used depending on where the microphone is placed.  Also, I learned that many videos are more interesting when they contain an abundance of natural sound.  The best thing about this project is the voice-over interview placed over the b-roll action shots.  I would change the formatting of the video and have learned from this project to save my files in the edited form and the final form.  I only saved the video as an export and not an edit in Adobe Premiere – so I was not able to simply go back into the video and reformat it through Premiere.


JOUR 215 Free Form

This project was a free form that could contain any and many different types of footage.  I did this project on Point Park University dance major Julianna Rink.  I filmed and edited the entire Free Form myself.  I learned that taking a lot of videos, even if they would not necessarily be used, is vital to have a good project.  The best thing about the project is the background music and how it elevates alongside the b-roll of Julianna dancing.  I would probably change the amount of times I filmed things other than Julianna, because she is the main subject of the video.


JOUR 215 Final Project

This project was my final project for the semester.  It was a fiction piece I did featuring Nick Kasisky and R.J. Lane, who are two friends who become obsessed with the board game monopoly.  I learned that multiple angles for shots are crucial in order to create a unique and eye-appealing video.  The best thing about the project is the angles and different focal lengths I used.  I would use less shots of them playing the game and use more dialogue if I re-shot the video.




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