CNN Just Took Down Fox News

The CNN GOP debate Tuesday night just proved exactly why CNN has run a more professional debate season than Fox News.

During the last Fox News GOP debate, the television reality show that was broadcasted was absolutely immature.  The moderators at Fox News simply laughed at the candidates as they argued on stage for two hours.

The crowd was also particularly rowdy, as people screamed and screamed, continually yelling over the candidates and the moderators.  The debate was a football game with a loud crowd showing many twists and turns and nothing was ever accomplished.

As Fox News let this happen, the candidates were fighting amongst each other.  They were fighting about hand size and irrelevant topics instead of the actual issues.  Donald Trump was attacked from both sides by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and yet again the issues that covered this presidential race were not discussed.

Trump was also attacked by the moderators, as the female version of Bill O’Reilly in Megyn Kelly and the rest of the Fox News team tried to destroy him on stage.  They brought up things he said and then attacked him on it: something they did not do to the other candidates.

And then there was the CNN GOP debate.

Jake Tapper ran a very professional debate along with his moderators.  The questions were concise and true, unlike the non-issues discussed at the Fox News debate.  Issues were discussed and witty commentary fights were limited to maybe one or two short incidents.

The CNN debate truly showed the professionalism of the entire CNN crew and political stage and completely embarrassed the Fox News team and all of their terribly bias and preschool-like debate season.


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