Politics 101: Things Aren’t That Bad

The Presidential Race has shown Americans that this country is in very bad shape.

As a voter or anyone who has been paying attention to the Presidential Race, particularly on the Republican side, it is easy to assume that our country is in a deep, deep hole.

But that is where our problem lies because we tend to believe everything we hear from both sides of the political spectrum and often forget how far we have come.  So let’s look at the facts:

1.  Gas is at the lowest price in years.


As far as commodities the American people care about, gas prices are near the top of that list.  In July of 2008, gas was an astounding $4.41 a gallon!  It’s 2016 and gas prices are now well under $2.00 which are the lowest since the early years of George Bush’s presidency. As Americans, this luxury should not be taken for granted.

2.  Unemployment has been cut in half since 2009.


After the Recession and the major outsourcing of jobs to China in the 2000s, unemployment was flirting with 10%.  If you as an American did not know someone who was unemployed or laid off, you were really one of the few or living under a rock.  Right now, unemployment has just dipped below 5%!  As an American it is hard to say you are not proud of that statistic.

3.  Government spending is at the lowest in decades.


The deficit is the money the government makes minus the money the government spends in one year.  In the 2009 fiscal year, the government spent almost $1.5 trillion according to the Congressional Budget Office.  By 2014, that number was decreased by almost $1 trillion!

Although the national debt has continued to rise slowly over the years, it is good to know that tax money and revenue the government creates is not aimlessly being spent across the board.

4.  Troops are coming home from Iraq.


After over a decade of war in the Middle East, the United States have seen many troops return home to their friends and families.  As much work that needs to be done in our country to ensure that our brave veterans receive the help they need when they come home, both financially and mentally, it is important to hear that America’s focus has been shifted to much bigger issues abroad the world.

5.  ISIS is on their heals.


Amongst the critics of President Obama to destroy the Islamic State via global coalition, ISIS is being shrunken by armed forces.  Not to mention how hard it is to get a global coalition together with countries that have not been our allies for a long time.

Watching a Republican Debate, you can often hear Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz arguing that we need to get overseas and destroy ISIS as quickly as possible and with as much force as humanly possible.  Although it is easy to agree with that, and ISIS does need destroyed in the worst way, the approach President Obama has taken is a very viable route.

“Our objective is clear: We will degrade, and ultimately destroy, (ISIS) through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy,” Obama said in 2014.

Many people have expressed their anger in regards to why ISIS is not destroyed yet, but the thing is America needs to protect the lives of the innocent people that surround ISIS territory and hiding grounds.  The main goal is to destroy this terrorist group with as few Syrian casualties as possible, and that is the need to take every small victory and continue to have small victories until America and the Middle East, together, arise on top.

The big thing to take from this is that the world we live in, especially in this country, is not as bad as the media and politicians make it out to be.  Take it with a grain of salt, as there is still much that needs to be done to perfect an imperfect nation.

9 thoughts on “Politics 101: Things Aren’t That Bad”

    1. I agree about the unemployment figures. It also doesn’t take into account underemployment. I know so many people who have taken full time or part-time jobs at half their former salary because they lost their jobs or smart college grads who are still working coffee shop and retail jobs. You can’t have a service-based economy without a strong middle class because eventually there will be no one left to buy the services.

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      1. Very good points there, underemployment is now the problem within our country. But I will say that underemployment is a much better problem then unemployment. This is why minimum wage needs to be increased.

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      2. Exactly, but I still stand by the belief that we are better off now then we were ten years ago. I hope our next president makes a note of improving minimum wage for everyone so people can live off one job and live comfortably.


  1. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, unless perhaps it is from the White House press office.

    1. Oil companies do not take their marching orders from politicians. If anything, American politicians are in their pockets. Oil is an economy that is independent of political or national economies. Putin is a major player in the oil industry, and he was trying to outmaneuver Western oil companies. Also, Hugo Chavez nationalized the oil industry in Venezuela, screwing over multiple oil companies. Western oil companies increased their production, and that has devastated Russia and Venezuela. At this moment in time, it just happens that the interests of major Western nations align with the interests of oil companies, and Americans are benefitting by a return to 2004 prices.

    As for $1.80/gallon being a luxury, it is no such thing. The oil industry is the most profitable industry on the planet by far, and it ravages everything and everyone it touches. We should be able to take $1.00/gallon for granted.

    2. Unemployment numbers do not include all of the people who have given up or who have had to resign themselves to part-time jobs or lower salaries. Also, this administration for the first time in history classifies everyone over 55 who loses their jobs as “retired” and drops them from the unemployment numbers. Not only that, but over 4 million more people now live below the poverty level since Obama took office. Americans have less spending power than we have had since WWII.

    3. Your Budget Deficit chart begins in 2009, which doesn’t show the almost 800% increase from 2007 levels. It is still over 200% of 2007 levels. Also, the national debt has actually risen rapidly since 2007, and is now at a record level only seen once before in history for a brief period during WWII.

    4. Not only do we have steadily increasing troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we also now have troops in Syria and multiple African countries — and that’s only the troop deployments that Obama hasn’t kept classified and out of Congressional and public scrutiny. That also doesn’t take into account all of the military contractors, a.k.a. “off the books troops,” that are deployed around the world.

    5. ISIS is by no means on its heels, and it is hardly the only Islamic terrorist group that wants to destroy the West, America in particular. Not only that, the jihad is being exported to the West in the form of the “hijrad,” which is an active “jihad by immigration.” ISIS is multi-national and multi-continental. It is not just a Syrian problem. There are many open source intelligence feeds on Twitter. I can refer you to several good sources if you are interested in finding out what’s happening in national security and foreign affairs beyond the White House approved press releases and the White House approved stories in politically aligned media outlets.

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    1. I think you are not quite understanding the point of this article.
      1. I never once said that politics control oil prices. I simply started out the article by pointing out how politicians bring up those types of problems in our country. This does not mean that politics controls oil trade, as we both can agree that it does not. having gas below $2 is for sure a complete luxury to our country compared to the prices we have seen in the 00’s. Yes, I agree we should be seeing it at $1 and that should be a luxury, but for now the fact that we are seeing it under $2 is good news compared to the $4 we have seen.
      2. I completely understand that “underemployment” and “unemployment” differ. But the fact is that underemployment is a better problem to have than unemployment. The minimum wage in our country needs an increase to $9 or $10, but the fact that people are going back to work is something that should be noted. Yes, underemployment is the new problem, but still better than unemployment.
      3. The reason my budget chart starts in 2009 is because that is the first fiscal year Obama was in office. He has cut government spending by the biggest percentages since WWII. 2007 is invalid for President Obama. He has cut spending since 2009 – his first year in office.
      4. Troops have been deployed to the Middle East to help stop ISIS in Syria. This is what I mean when I say that we have removed troops from Iraq and Afghanistan (because we have) to focus on bigger issues like ISIS.
      5. ISIS is for sure on its heels, as the US and other countries have been bombing the terrorists group’s oil field nearly all the time. The world is after ISIS, but there is still work to be done and we all know that.


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